Richard Metcalf Registered Osteopath 'Helping You to Heal Yourself'

The Lodge House, Howard Rd, Walkley, Sheffield S6 3RX
Telephone: 0114 234 5459

Osteopathic Excellence for Adults, Babies and Children

Osteopathy is a hands-on whole person system of healing which involves the identification and treatment of structural issues in any area the body.

Endeavouring to treat the cause of your problem, it uses very gentle manipulative techniques to relieve physical stresses and strains, resulting in a variety of symptoms to restore health and balance.

Osteopathy in Sheffield is provided by Richard Metcalf who is a very experienced registered osteopath. He has gained a reputation for being a caring and considerate osteopath who provides safe, gentle and comprehensive treatments. The vast majority of his patients hear about him from friends or family members which shows how much they trust in his ability to help.

Richard's approach is a very gentle, accurate and deep form of osteopathy that is suitable for people of all ages from babies and children to pregnant women and the elderly. It is appropriate for any area of the body, including the head. For historical reasons, this gentle approach is called Cranial Osteopathy.

He has worked at a number of practices in Sheffield and is now based at The Lodge House in Walkley, northwest of the city and closely located to the Sheffield Buddhist Centre. The practice prides itself on providing holistic care in a professional, safe and friendly environment and serves many areas around Sheffield including Crookes, Crookesmoor, Broomhall and Hillsborough.

Before making an appointment, Richard is always happy to discuss your problem and if he cannot help then he will suggest other possible treatment options.

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Osteopathy in Sheffield at The Lodge House
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