Osteopathic Excellence for Adults, Babies and Children

Osteopathy in Sheffield is a friendly professional osteopathic clinic in Walkley which provides safe and effective treatments for adults, babies and children and can treat a wide range of issues.  These include neck, shoulder or back pain, arthritis, headaches, knee problems or other aches and pains.  The principal practitioner is Richard Metcalf.

Richard Metcalf Osteopath at the Lodge, Walkley

I am a very experienced registered osteopath and have been practising for over 20 years.  I have a reputation for being a caring and considerate osteopath who provides safe, gentle and comprehensive treatments. The vast majority of my patients hear about me from friends or family members which shows how much they trust in my ability to help.

My approach is a very gentle, accurate and deep form of osteopathy that is suitable for people of all ages from babies and children to pregnant women and the elderly. It is appropriate for any area of the body, including the head and is called Cranial Osteopathy.  I feel this gives the whole body the best opportunity to heal.

Before making an appointment, I am always happy to discuss your problem and if I cannot help then I will suggest other possible treatment options.